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Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical

Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical

Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical   Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical
This 100-CD box set features original recordings of master performances by some of the greatest classical musicians of all time. The collection includes compositions by renowned artists such as Franz Schubert, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, and Ludwig van Beethoven, as well as lesser-known works by Felix Mendelssohn, Antonio Vivaldi, and Joseph Haydn.

The CDs come in a sealed box and were released in 2008, making them a fantastic addition to any music lover's collection. The box set is classified under the Musicals category and is perfect for those interested in classical music. New, unopened, sealed in original box.

A rare find and complete set, 100 separate CDs. Concerto For Keyboard (Harpsichord) And Strings In D Major, BWV 10521-1-Allegro1-2-Adagio1-3-Allegro Johann. Concerto For Keyboard (Harpsichord) And Strings In F Minor, BWV 10561-4-Allegro1-5-Largo1-6-Presto Johann. Concerto For Two Keyboards And Orchestra In C Major, BWV 10611-7-Allegro1-8-Adagio Ovvero Largo1-9-Fuga Johann.

Italian Concerto For Keyboard (Harpsichord) In F Major, BWV 9712-1-Allegro2-2-Andante2-3-Presto Johann. Concerto For Two Violins And Orchestra In D Minor, BWV 10432-4-Vivace2-5-Largo Ma Non Tanto2-6-Allegro Johann. 2 In F Major, BWV 10472-7-Allegro2-8-Andante2-9-Allegro Assai Johann.

5 In D Major, BWV 10502-10-Allegro2-11-Affetuoso2-12-Allegro Bela. 2 In B-flat Minor3-1-Allegro Non Troppo3-2-Andante Tranquillo3-3-Allegro Molto3-4 Bela. Portrait For Violin And Orchestra No. 5 "Un Ideal" Bela Bartók. Concerto For Strings, Percussion And Celesta4-1-Andante Tranquillo4-2-Allegro4-3-Adagio4-4-Allegro Molto Bela.

Concerto For Orchestra (1943), SZ 1164-5-Introduzione. For Children5-4-Volume 1 - Forty Exercises Ludwig. Violin Concerto In D Major, Op. 616-1-Allegro Ma Non Troppo6-2-Larghetto6-3-RondoPiano Concerto No.

1 In C Major, Op. Rondo - Allegro ScherzandoSonata No. 26 In E-flat Major, Op.

81a, "Les Adieux"7-4 Ludwig. 2 In B-flat Major, Op. Allegro Con Brio - Cadenza - Tempo I8-2 Ludwig. Allegro Scherzando - Cadenza - Tempo I-8-4 Ludwig.

3 In C Minor, Op. 4 In G Major, Op.

VivaceSonata In C Minor, Op. Grave - Allegro Di Molto10-5 Ludwig.

5 In E-flat Major, Op. Adagio Un Poco Mosso11-3 Ludwig.

Allegro Ma Non TroppoSonata No. 21 In C Major, Op. Allegretto ModeratoHarold In Italy - Symphony WIth Viola Obbligato, Op.

Harold In The Mountains12-2 Hector. March Of The Pilgrims12-3 Hector.

Orgy Of The Brigands-12-5 Hector. 9Facsimile - A Choreographic Essay13-1 Leonard. CodaThe Age Of Anxiety - Symphony No. 2 For Piano And Orchestra After H. Auden - Part I13-5 Leonard.

The Seven Ages (Variations I - VII)13-7 Leonard. The Seven Stages (Variations VIII - XIV)Part II13-8 Leonard. The EpilogueViolin Concerto In D Major, Op. Allegro Giocoso, Ma Non Troppo Vivace-14-4 Johannes. 81Double Concerto For Violin And Cello In A Minor, Op.

Variations On A Theme By Haydn, Op. 1 In D Minor, Op. Maestoso - Poco Più Moderato16-2 Johannes.

Allegro Non TroppoPiano Concerto No. Allegretto GraziosoViolin Concerto In D Minor, Op. 15 (1939, Revised 1950)18-1 Benjamin. Andante LentoVariations On A Theme By Frank Bridge, Op. Lento E SolenneViolin Concerto In G Minor, Op.

Vorspiel (Allegro Moderato)19-2 Max. Finale (Allegro Energico)Scottish Fantasy In E-flat Major, Op.

46 For Violin, Harp And Orchestra19-4 Max. Poème For Violin And Orchestra, Op. 25Double Concerto For Violin, Piano And String Quartet In D Major, Op.

1 In E Minor, Op. 11 (Live)21-1-Allegro Maestoso Resoluto21-2-Romanze. 7 In A-flat Major, Op. 2 In F Minor, Op. 5 In A-flat Major, Op.

42 (Live) ("Grande Valse")22-5 Frédéric. 9 In A-flat Major, Op.

69 (Live) "L'adieu", No. 1 In E-flat Major, Op. 18 (Live) ("Grande Valse Brillante")Violin Concerto In A Minor, Op.

Allegro Ma Non Troppo23-2 Antonín. 2 In B Minor, Op. Adagio Ma Non Troppo24-3 Antonín. PrestoPiano Concerto In G Minor, Op. 92, Overture For Orchestra25-5 Antonín.

Ballet Music (Polonaise, Act 2) From "Rusalka"Violin Concerto In B-flat Minor, Op. Symphonic Variations For Piano And OrchestraSonata For Violin And Piano In A Major27-2 César. Allegretto Poco MossoSymphonic Concerto For Piano And Orchestra In B Minor28-1 Wilhelm. Allegretto ModeratoPiano Concerto In F Major29-1 George Gershwin. Adagio - Andante Con Moto29-3 George Gershwin.

Rhapsody In BlueViolin Concerto In A Major, Op. ModeratoFrom The Cycle "Ma Vlast" ("My Country")30-4 Bedrich Smetana.

From Bohemia's Woods And FieldsPiano Concerto In A Minor, Op. Allegro Molto Moderato31-2 Edvard Grieg. Adagio - Attacca31-3 Edvard Grieg.

Allegro Moderato Molto E Marcato - Quasi Presto - Andante MaestosoFrom "Peer Gynt", Suites No. Anita's Dance31-6 Edvard Grieg. Aase's DeathOrgan Concerto No. 8 In A Major32-1 Georg Friedrich Händel.

16 In D Minor, Op. AllegroThe Great Elopment, Ballet Suite32-7 Georg Friedrich Händel.

The Pump Room32-8 Georg Friedrich Händel. The Linleys32-9 Georg Friedrich Händel. Hunting Dance32-10 Georg Friedrich Händel.

Love Scene32-11 Georg Friedrich Händel. The Weary Flunkies32-12 Georg Friedrich Händel. The Plot32-13 Georg Friedrich Händel. Bean Nash32-16 Georg Friedrich Händel. Second Love Scene32-17 Georg Friedrich Händel. GigueHarpsichord Concerto In D Major, Hob. Rondo All' Ungerese33-4 Joseph Haydn.

Allegro AssaiPiano Sonata In E-flat Major, Hob. PrestoPiano Sonata In D Major, Hob. PrestoPiano Sonata In C Major, Hob. Allegro MoltoPiano Concerto34-1 Paul Hindemith.

Medley "Tre Fontane"Concert Music For Piano, Brass And Harps, Op. 49 (1930)34-4 Paul Hindemith. Mäßig Schnell, KraftvollHorn Concerto (1949)35-1 Paul Hindemith. Very Slow - Moderately Fast - Fast (Declamation) - Lively - Very SlowConcert Music For Brass And Strings, Op. Mäßig Schnell, Mit Kraft - Sehr Breit, Aber Stets Fließend35-5 Paul Hindemith. Lebhaft - Langsam - LebhaftSymphonic Dances For Orchestra (1937)35-6 Paul Hindemith. Mäßig Bewegt, Mit KraftViolin Concerto In D Minor (1940)36-1 Aram Khatchaturian. 1 In E-flat Major37-1 Franz Liszt.

Allegro Marziale Animato-37-5 Johannes Brahms. 1 In G Minor37-6 Johannes Brahms. 2 In D Minor37-7 Johannes Brahms.

3 In F Major37-8 Johannes Brahms. 5 In G Minor37-9 Johannes Brahms. 6 In D Major37-10 Johannes Brahms.

7 In A Major37-11 Johannes Brahms. 10 In F Major-37-12 Franz Liszt.

Les Prèludes, Symphonic Poem No. 2 In A Major (Live)38-1 Franz Liszt.

Allegro Agitato Assai38-2 Franz Liszt. Marziale Un Poco Meno Allegro38-4 Franz Liszt. Hungarian Fantasy For Piano And Orchestra In E Minor38-6 Franz Liszt.

9 In E-flat Major38-7 Franz Liszt. 11 In A MinorPetite Symphonie Concertante 22'5439-1 Frank Martin (3). Allegro Con Moto39-2 Frank Martin (3).

Allegretto Alla MarciaDivertimento (Suite Du Ballet) 23'23 From "The Fairy's Kiss"39-4 Igor Stravinsky. Pas De DeuxViolin Concerto In D Minor, Op. 40 (1822)40-1 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Allegro Molto40-2 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Andante Non Troppo40-3 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. AllegroViolin Concerto In E Minor, Op. 64 (1844)40-4 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Allegro Molto Appassionato40-5 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Allegro Molto VivacePiano Concerto No.

1 In G Minor, Op. Molto Allegro Con Fuoco41-2 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Andante41.3 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Molto Allegro E VivaceConcerto For Piano And String Orchestra In A Minor41-4 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Allegro Ma Non TroppoSinfonia Di Caccia In G Major For Four Horns, Strings, Timpani And Basso Continuo42-1 Leopold Mozart. Andante, Piu Tosto Un Poco Allegretto (A Gusto D'un Eco)42-3 Leopold Mozart. MenuettSinfonia Di Camera In D Major For Horn, Violin, Two Violas And Basso Continuo42-4 Leopold Mozart. AllegroSerenade For Thirteen Wind Instruments No.

10 In B-flat Major, KV 36142-8 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Minuet (Allegretto)42-12 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Romance (Adagio)42-13 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Theme (Andante) With Variations42-14 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Rondo (Allegro Molto)Piano Concerto No. 9 In E-flat Major, KV 271 ("Jeunehomme")43-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Rondo (Presto)Piano Concerto No. 19 In F Major, KV 45943-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Allegro Vivace43-5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 13 In C Major, KV 41544-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Allegro, Poco Maestoso44-2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

26 In D Major, KV 537 ("Coronation")44-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 20 In D Minor, KV 46645-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 23 In A Major, KV 48845-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 24 In C Minor, KV 49146-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

25 In C Major, KV 50346-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Allegro Maestoso46-5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 10 For Two Pianos In E-flat Major, KV 36547-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 20 In D Minor, KV 46747-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Allegro AssaiClarinet Concerto In A Major, KV 62248-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rondo (Allegro)Flute Concerto In G Major, KV 31348-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Allegro Maestoso48-5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Adagio Non Troppo48-6 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Tempo Di MenuettoHorn Concerto No. 1 In D Major, KV 41249-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rondo (Allegro)Horn Concerto No. 2 In E-flat Major, KV 41749-3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Allegro Maestoso49-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 3 In E-flat Major, KV 44749-6 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Romanze (Larghetto)49-8 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 4 In E-flat Major, KV 49549-9 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Allegro Moderato49-10 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Romanze (Andante)49-11 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rondo (Allegro Vivace)A Musical Joke, KV 522 18'5550-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Menuetto (Maestoso) & Trio50-3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Adagio Cantabile50-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 14 In B-flat Major, KV 270 8'4350-5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Allegro Molto50-6 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Menuetto (Moderato) & Trio50-8 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 2 In D Major, KV 131 26'1950-9 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Menuetto & Trio50-14 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 4 In D Major, KV 21851-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Andante Cantabile51-3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Allegro Ma Non TroppoViolin Concerto No.

5 In A Major, KV 21951-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Allegro Aperto51-5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Tempo Di Menuetto-51-7 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Adagio For Violin And Orchestra In E Major, KV 26151-8 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rondo In C Major, KV 373Violin Concerto No. 3 In G Major, KV 21652-1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Tempo 152-2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Tempo 152-3 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Rondo (Allegro - Andante - Allegretto - Tempo 1)Violin Concerto No. 7 In D Major, KV 271a52-4 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Allegro Maestoso52-5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Prelude (Largo)53-2 Carl August Nielsen.

Allegro Cavalleresco53-3 Carl August Nielsen. Intermezzo: Poco Adagio53-4 Carl August Nielsen.

Rondo: Allegretto Scherzando-53-5 Johann Severin Svendsen. 1 In D Major, Op. Allegro Maestoso - Cadenza - Allegro Maestoso54-5 Niccolo Paganini. Rondo ("La Campanella")Piano Concerto No. 2 In G Minor, Op. Scherzo (Vivace)55-3 Sergei Prokofiev. Intermezzo (Allegro Moderato)55-4 Sergei Prokofiev. Finale (Allegro Tempestuoso)Piano Concerto No. 3 In C Major, Op.

Thema (Andantino) Con Variazioni55-7 Sergei Prokofiev. Allegro Ma Non TroppoPiano Concerto No. 1 In F-sharp Minor, Op. Isle Of The Dead, Op. 2 In C Minor, Op.

Prelude In G Major, Op. Prelude In G Minor, Op.

3 In D Minor, Op. Allegro Ma Non Tanto58-2 Sergei Rachmaninov. Finale: Alla Breve-58-3 Sergei Rachmaninov. 4 In G Minor, Op.

Allegro Vivace (Alla Breve)59-2 Sergei Rachmaninov. Rhapsody On A Theme By Paganini, Op. 43Piano Concerto In G Major60-1 Maurice Ravel. Pictures At An Exhibition (Orchestral Version By Maurice Ravel)Piano Concerto For The Left Hand61-1 Maurice Ravel.

(Lento - Andante - Allegro)-61-2 Maurice Ravel. BoleroPiano Concerto In F Minor, Op. Largo Con Gran Espressione62-3 Max Reger.

Allegro Con SpiritoA Romantic Suite, Op. Scherzo - Vivace62-6 Max Reger. Finale - Molto SostenutoConcerto For Guitar And Orchestra ("Concierto De Aranjuez")63-1 Joaquin Rodrigo. Allegro Con Spirito63-2 Joaquin Rodrigo.

Allegro GentileFantasia Para Un Gentilhombre63-4 Joaquin Rodrigo. Villano Y Ricercare63-5 Joaquin Rodrigo. Espanoleta Y Fanfare De La Caballeriá De Nápoles63-6 Joaquin Rodrigo. Danza De Las Hachas63-7 Joaquin Rodrigo. CanarioSonata A La Espanola63-8 Joaquin Rodrigo.

Tiempo De BoleroPiano Concerto No. 4 In C Minor, Op. 78 ("Organ")64-3 Camille Saint-Saëns. AllegroPiano Concerto In A Minor, Op. 54 (Live)65-1 Robert Schumann.

Intermezzo: Andantino Grazioso65-3 Robert Schumann. Introduction And Allegro Appassionato For Piano And Orchestra, Op. 92Violin Concerto In D Minor66-1 Robert Schumann. In Kräftigem, Nicht Zu Schnellem Tempo66-2 Robert Schumann.

Lebhaft, Doch Nicht Zu schnell-66-4 Robert Schumann. Variations On A Theme By Clara Wieck, Op. 14Overture, Scherzo And Finale In E Major, Op. Overture - Andante Con Moto - Allegro66-6 Robert Schumann.

Scherzo - Vivo66-7 Robert Schumann. Finale - Allegro Molto VivaceCello Concerto In A Minor, Op. Nicht Zu schnell67-2 Robert Schumann. Sehr LebhaftKreisleriana - Fantasies For The Pianoforte, Op. Sehr Innig Und Nicht Zu Rasch (Intermezzo I: Sehr Lebhaft, Intermezzo II: Etwas Bewegter - Langsamer)67-6 Robert Schumann.

Durchaus Leise Zu Halten67-10 Robert Schumann. Schnell Und SpielendPiano Concerto In F-sharp Minor, Op. Thema (Andante) Con Variazione (I + II: Allegro Scherzando, III: Adagio, IV: Allegretto - Tempo I)68-3 Alexander Scriabin. 3 In F-sharp Minor, Op. Andante - Attacca - Presto Con Fuoco-68-7 Alexander Scriabin.

11 In B-flat Minor, Op. Poème "Vers La Flamme", Op. 1 For Piano, Trumpet And String Orchestra In C Major, Op. 35 (1933)69-1 Dimitri Shostakovich.

Allegretto Moderato - Allegro Vivace69-2 Dimitri Shostakovich. Allegro Con Brio - PrestoPiano Concerto No. 2 In E Major, Op. 192 (1957)69-5 Dimitri Shostakovich. Andante - Attacca: Allegro-69-7 Dimitri Shostakovich.

Concertino For Two Pianos, Op. 94 (1953)Violin Concerto In D Minor, Op. Adagio Di Molto70-3 Jean Sibelius. Allegro Ma Non Tanto-70-4 Jean Sibelius.

The Swan Of Tuonela, Op. Bolero (Festivo)Horn Concerto No. 1 In E-flat Major71-1 Richard Strauss.

Allegro - Rondo (Allegro)Horn Concerto No. 2 In E-flat Major71-4 Richard Strauss. Allegro - Tranquillo71-5 Richard Strauss. Andante Con Moto71-6 Richard Strauss. Rondo (Allegro Molto)-71-7 Richard Strauss.

Waltzes From "Knight Of The Rose"Concerto For Orchestra In D Major72-1 Igor Stravinsky. AllegroJeu De Cartes (Card Game) - Ballet In Three Deals72-4 Igor Stravinsky. Première Donne (First Deal)72-5 Igor Stravinsky.

Deuxième Donne (Second Deal)72-6 Igor Stravinsky. Troisième Donne (Third Deal)Duo Concertante For Violin And Piano72-7 Igor Stravinsky.

DithyrambeSymphony Concertante For Piano And Orchestra, Op. Andante Molto Sostenuto73-3 Karol Szymanowski. Allegro Non TroppoImages 173-4 Claude Debussy. Reflets Dans L'eau73-5 Claude Debussy.

Hommage À Rameau73-6 Claude Debussy. Cloches À Travers Les Feuilles73-8 Claude Debussy. Et La Lune Descent Sur Temple Quit Fu73-9 Claude Debussy. Poissons D'orPiano Concerto No. 1 In B-flat Minor, Op.

Allegro Non Troppo E Molto Maestoso - Allegro Con Spirito74-2 Peter I. Andantino Semplice - Prestissimo74-3 Peter I. Allegro Con Fuoco-74-4 Peter I. 2 In G Major, Op. Allegro Brillante E Molto Vivace75-2 Peter I.

Andante Non Troppo75-3 Peter I. Allegro Con Fuoco-75-4 Peter I. 45Violin Concerto In D Major, Op. 31Serenade For String Orchestra In C Major, Op. Pezzo In Forma Di Sonatina: Andante Non Troppo76-6 Peter I. Elegy: Larghetto Elegiaco76-8 Peter I. Allegro Con SpiritoViolin Concerto No. 4 In D Minor, Op. Scherzo & Trio77-4 Henri Vieuxtemps.

5 In A Minor, Op. Allegro Non Troppo77-6 Henri Vieuxtemps. Allegro Con FuocoSymphony For Mandolin And Plucked Strings In C Major78-1 Antonio Vivaldi.

Allegro, Largo, Allegro, AllegroConcerto Grosso For Two Mandolins, Two Guitars And Plucked Strings78-2 Antonio Vivaldi. AllegroConcerto For Solo Mandolin And Plucked Strings In C Major78-5 Antonio Vivaldi. Allegro, Largo, AllegroConcerto For Two Mandolins And Plucked Strings In G Major78-6 Antonio Vivaldi. AllegroLute Concerto For Plucked Strings78-9 Antonio Vivaldi. Moderato, Largo, AllegroConcerto For Guitar And Plucked Strings78-10 Antonio Vivaldi.

AllegroConcerto For Viola D'amore, Lute And Plucked Strings In D Minor78-13 Antonio Vivaldi. 2 In D Minor, Op. 2279-1 Henryk / Henri Wieniawski. Allegro Moderato79-2 Henryk / Henri Wieniawski.

Romanze - Andante Non Troppo79-3 Henryk / Henri Wieniawski. Allegro Con Fuoco - Allegro Moderato (A La Zingara) Frédéric Chopin. Piano Sonata In B Minor, Op.

5879-4-Allegro Maestoso79-5-Scherzo: Molto Vivace79-6-Largo79-7-Finale: Presto Ma Non TantoConcerto For Oboe And String Orchestra In G Minor, Op. AllegroConcerto For Oboe And String Orchestra In B-flat Major, Op.

VivaceConcerto For Oboe And Plucked Strings In D Major80-9 Domenico Gabrielli. Adagio, Allegro, Adagio, AllegroConcerto For Oboe And Plucked Strings In C Major80-10 Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco. Allegro - Grave80-11 Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco. Adagio80-12 Evaristo Felice Dall'Abaco.

Rondo - AllegroConcerto For Oboe And Plucked Strings In C Major80-13 Antonio Vivaldi. Allegro Moderato, Largo, AllegroConcerto For Two Oboes And Plucked Strings In C Major80-14 Antonio Vivaldi. Allegro, Largo, AllegroConcerto For Oboe And String Orchestra In D Minor80-15 Benedetto Marcello. Allegro Con BrioSinfonia Concertante For Cello And Orchestra In E Minor, Op. Andante Con MotoViolin Concerto In D Major, Op.

Allegro ImpetuosoConcerto For Violin And Large Chamber Orchestra (Live)82-4 Wolfgang Fortner. Allegro Con Brio82-5 Wolfgang Fortner.

Molto Allegro - Allegro Poco ScherzandoViolin Concerto In D Major, Op. Moderato Nobile83-2 Erich Wolfgang Korngold. Allegro Non Troppo Ma Passionato83-5 Miklós Rózsa. Allegro Ben MarcatoViolin Concerto In C Major, Op.

Allegro Molto E Con Brio84-8 Dimitrij Kabalevsky. 9 In B-flat Major85-1 Luigi Boccherini. Adagio Non Troppo (From Concerto In G)85-3 Luigi Boccherini. AllegroCello Concerto In E Minor Arr.

Vincent D'Indy, After The Sonata In E Minor, RV 4085-4 Antonio Vivaldi. 2 In D Major85-8 Joseph Haydn. Rondo AllegroCello Concerto In E Minor, Op. Allegro Ma Non TroppoCello Concerto No. 1 In A Minor, Op. Allegro Non Troppo86-5 Camille Saint-Saëns.

Allegretto Con Moto86-6 Camille Saint-Saëns. Allegro Non TroppoSymphony Espagnole For Violin And Orchestra, Op. Allegro Ma Non Troppo87-2 Edouard Lalo.

Allegretto Non troppo87-4 Edouard Lalo. 24 (1880)87-7 Gabriel Fauré.

16 (1878)-87-8 Camille Saint-Saëns. The Swan From "Carnival Of The Animals" (1886)Piano Concerto No. 22 (Live)88-1 Camille Saint-Saëns. PrestoNoches En Los Jardines De Espana (Nights In The Gardens Of Spain)88-4 Manuel De Falla. En El Generalife88-5 Manuel De Falla.

Danza Lejana88-6 Manuel De Falla. En Los Jardines De La Sierra De CórdobaTrumpet Concerto In E-flat Major89-1 Joseph Haydn. AllegroConcerto For Solo Trumpet, Two Horns, Strings And Harpsichord In D Major89-4 Leopold Mozart.

Allegro ModeratoTrumpet Concerto In E-flat Major89-6 Johann Nepomuk Hummel. Allegro Con Spirito89-7 Johann Nepomuk Hummel.

AllegroTrumpet Concerto In D Major89-9 Georg Philipp Telemann. AllegroTrumpet Concerto In D Major89-13 Johann Friedrich Fasch. AllegroSonata In C For Trumpet, Strings And Basso Continuo89-16 Tomaso Albinoni. AllegroSonata In D Major For Trumpet, Strings And Basso Continuo89-20 Henry Purcell. Allegro (Allegro), Adagio, PrestoSuite In D Major From "Water Music" For Trumpet, Strings And Basso Continuo89-21 Georg Friedrich Händel. Allegro Vivace89-23 Georg Friedrich Händel. Bourrée (March)-89-25 Jeremiah Clarke. Trumpet VoluntaryBassoon Concerto In F Major90-1 Franz Danzi. AllegrettoSinfonia Concertante In B-flat Major For Clarinet, Bassoon And Orchestra90-4 Franz Danzi.

AllegrettoConcerto In D Major For Trumpet, Strings And Basso Continuo90-7 Franz Xaver Richter. Allegro Moderato90-8 Franz Xaver Richter. Concerto For Two Trumpets In C MajorFlute Concerto In D Major91-2 Franz Xaver Pokorny. Allegro Molto91-3 Franz Xaver Pokorny.

RondoSerenade For Wind Instruments In B-flat Major "Gran Partita", KV 361/370a (Live)91-5 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Allegro Molto91-6 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Thema Con Variazioni91-8 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 3 In C Major For Flute, Strings And Basso Continuo92-1 Friedrich II. Allegro AssaiConcerto In G Major For Flute, Strings And Basso Continuo92-4 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Allegro Di Molto92-5 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. Largo92-6 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach. PrestoConcerto In D Major "Pour Potsdam" For Flute, Strings And Basso Continuo92-7 Johann Joachim Quantz. Più Tosto Andantino92-9 Johann Joachim Quantz. PrestoClarinet Concerto In B-flat Major93-1 Franz Anton Hoffmeister. AllegroClarinet Concerto In B-flat Major93-4 Theodor Baron von Schacht. Tempo Giusto93-5 Theodor Baron von Schacht.

Adagio93-6 Theodor Baron von Schacht. Allegretto Con VariazioniSinfonia Concertante For Two Clarinets And Orchestra In A Major, Op. 1093-7 Johann Georg Heinrich Backofen. Allegro93-8 Johann Georg Heinrich Backofen. Untitled93-9 Johann Georg Heinrich Backofen.

RondoConcerto In E-flat Major For Two Horns, Strings And Basso Continuo94-1 Leopold Mozart. AllegroHorn Concerto In F Major94-4 Franz Anton Rössler. Allegro vivace94-5 Franz Anton Rössler.

AllegroConcerto For Two Horns And Orchestra In F Major94-7 Friedrich Witt. RondoConcerto In F Major For Two Horns, String Orchestra And Two Flutes94-10 Franz Xaver Pokorny. Larghetto Poco Andante94-12 Franz Xaver Pokorny. Presto AssaiViolin Concerto (Live) ("To The Memory Of An Angel")95-1 Alban Berg. Andante - Allegretto95-2 Alban Berg.

Allegro - AdagioPiano Concerto, Op. Giocoso - ModeratoVariations For Piano, Op. Ruhig FließendViolin Concerto In A Minor, Op.

Allegro ModeratoPremière Symphonie Concertante In B-flat Major96-4 Johann Christoph Vogel. RondoPiano Concerto (1914/16)97-1 Frederick Delius. Allegro Non Troppo97-2 Frederick Delius. 33a From "Peter Grimes"97-5 Benjamin Britten.

StormViolin Concerto In C Major ("In The Style Of Vivaldi")98-1 Fritz Kreisler. Allegro Energico Ma Non Troppo98-2 Fritz Kreisler. Rondino On A Theme By Beethoven-98-5 Ludwig van Beethoven. Variations In E-flat Major On "Bei Männern, Welche Liebe Fühlen" From "Die Zauberflöte" W. Variations In F Major On "Ein Mädchen Oder Weibchen" From "Die Zauberflöte" W.

13 In G Major, KV 525 "A Little Night Music"98-7 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Romanza (Andante)98-9 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Menuetto (Allegretto) & Trio98-10 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Rondo (Allegro)-99-1 Georges Bizet. "Carmen" - Fantasy99-2 Paul Dukas. The Sorcerer's Apprentice99-3 Hector Berlioz. Overture To "Benvenuto Cellini"99-4 Hector Berlioz.

Overture To "Le Corsaire"99-5 Hector Berlioz. Hungarian March From "The Damnation Of Faust"Violin Concerto In A Minor, Op.

Andante Sostenuto, Tempo I100-3 Alexander Glasunow. Steppes Of Central Asia100-5 Alexander Borodin. Polovetzian Dances From "Prince Igor"100-6 Modest Mussorgsky. Night On The Bare Mountain100-7 Reinhold Glière.

Sailors' Dance From "The Red Poppy", Op.

Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical   Masters Of Music 100 CD-Box Set Original Recordings. Meister Konzerte. Classical